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I understand! You’re totally stressed out with a tight deadline fast approaching and on a budget. You need a skilled American Female Voice Over talent that can quickly deliver broadcast quality files, probably with Source-Connect or zoom, and you want a stress-free and seamless experience from start to finish. You need to find that perfect voice you hear in your head to put the finishing touch on your clients project. A natural, authentic and believable female voice over to bring your vision to life so your client knows, once again, that you’re a ROCKSTAR!

Hi, I’m Deanna Johnston, a full-time American female voice over actor and I’m so glad you found me! I have tons of experience using my voice with thousands of voice over jobs recorded from my broadcast-quality home studio. I value helping my clients in any way I can, and I promise to ‘over deliver’ for you.

Whether You’re Needing….

Whatever it is, I can help!!

What they say I sound like

”You have such a warm, round low end in your voice.”
“I can’t put my finger on it, but your voice is so wonderfully textured in such a unique way.”
”When I hear you speak, you make me feel grounded, like my feet are firmly planted on the ground.”
”Ummmm, honey, can you stop with the crazy high pitch voice, you’re done working!!!”
”There’s an authentic, natural trust and honesty in the sound of your voice.”
”I thought you were different voice actors with such a vast range of emotions & voice pitches you can do.”
”Hello MR. Johnston, how can I help you?”…..”Ahhhh, I”m not a man!”

Ruby the Pug

Pug Obsessed Dessert Lover

My journey…..When I was a kid back in the 80s I had a tiny plastic microphone that I’d plug into a portable Casio cassette recorder. I would record interviews of my family like a reporter and ‘tape’ us singing Journey or Abba songs while I played the piano! My sisters and I had fun putting on plays in the basement, and I always got a kick out of making them laugh by acting like weird characters in unexpected places in public!

But despite the shenanigans, I was incredibly shy, paralyzing at times, and felt trapped, like my ability to speak and use my voice to express was suspended, gagged or frozen. Thankfully, finally at the age of 22, I learned to how to open myself up, freeing my voice and emotions through singing in a rock band!

Since then, performing literally all over the world and running my own entertainment company has allowed me to work with Fortune 500 giants like Apple, IBM, Google, Amazon, Bank of America and Toyota to name a few. From USA to Russia, China, France, Dubai, Mexico and beyond. I also found myself face to face with the hard and wondrous realities of reality TV, when I was chosen out of thousands to compete on CBS ROCKSTAR:INXS.

The clash between the corporate and creative world for 25+ years has been invaluable in so many ways. Managing creative people, looking after the millions of finite details involved in one single event, creating promotional content using my graphic design degree, video editing, voice over, singing, dancing, problem solving, paperwork, contracts, multi-tasking, booking travel…the list goes on and on…

Layers of experiences, places, people, joy & pain.

This is what I will passionately pour into your script.

Grounded & uniquely textured to bring your vision to life.

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